A very special sale – original paintings by Liu Zi-Ping


Following our successful exhibition ‘Icon of Light’ we are delighted to announce a very special opportunity to purchase these unique works, which have been donated by Lui Zi-Ping to support Hungate’s work.

Get in touch for prices and availability on info@hungate.org.uk

Born in 1984 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Liu Zi-Ping received his PhD degree in 2018 from National Taiwan Normal University. He is an assistant professor in Fine Arts Department at National Taichung University of Education. He obtained important awards such as the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Young Artist Collection, 2015;the Ministry of Culture Art Bank Collection, 2021;the First Prize of the Union Bank Young Artist Award, 2011, and the First Prize of the Paris Foundation Art Award, 2011. Liu’s work is concerned with the connection and interaction between contemporary art and Taiwan’s marine culture. Liu continually tries to identify the contemporary Taiwanese art as a field of cultural hybridity in which new thoughts, experiences and feelings can arise.