Seven Sacraments Fonts Exhibition


The 2023 season at Hungate is focused on the medieval and contemporary, sacred and secular connotations of the theme WATER. Our first exhibition of the season, running from 22nd April until 9th July, centres on Norfolk’s famous seven sacrament fonts, a highly sophisticated and intricate medieval art form. This photographic exhibition explores these extraordinary objects, which depict the sacramental rites of baptism, communion, confirmation, confession, ordination, matrimony and anointing of the sick, on seven of their eight sides.

The majority of the photographs in this exhibition were taken by Iain Walker and the text is written by Clare Haynes, two of Hungate’s trustees.

A series of evening lectures on some of the many symbolic and practical interactions between water and culture – from the medieval period to the present day – will accompany the exhibition, as well as workshops for our ongoing community archiving project.

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