Epoche: withholding of assent (2022)


Site-specific installation at Hungate Medieval Art by Su Nicholls

Epoche: withholding of assent is a site-specific work that conjures ideals of light and space whilst displaying embodied tension within the twine structure. Designed to blend and co-operate, the installation intends to celebrate the serenity of the space within this magnificent building. 

During these past months, nature has reclaimed spaces, enjoying a quieter time uninterrupted by comings and goings. The work is inspired by an extraordinary spider’s web found in the entrance porch at Hungate. This beautiful snare combines delicate intricacies and immense strength, and in this combination, echoes the structure that houses it. Inter-twining, without overwhelming, this installation can be read and interpreted by visitors in their own way.

The exhibition will be open until the end of October 2022.

Also see Epoche I: Suspension of Judgement (2017) by Su Nicholls and Lindsay Elise Jolly.